8 August, 2019

Recipe: Healthy chocolate spread

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[:en] Healthy chocolate spread I came across this recipe whilst making chocolate mousse and accidentally added too much water. The taste was still nice but the consistency became too thin. Perfect for spreading on a piece of bread or a pancake, though! If you are more of a sweet tooth you can always add a bit [...]

14 July, 2019


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Hypopressives A lot of women will come across the concept of Hypopressives for the first time after they have given birth. In Belgium, most women will attend several “kiné” (physiotherapist) sessions during postpartum, in which they will familiarise themselves with the Hypopressive exercises. I am one of these women, since I have never heard [...]

17 June, 2019

SuperBellies, the best prenatal fitness class in Brussels

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SuperBellies, the best prenatal fitness class in Brussels In my previous post I highlighted the main reasons why women love the SuperMums classes and their favourite aspects of them. Today, I’d like to focus on SuperBellies, a fun fitness class for expecting mothers. Can you please explain why you attend/attended the [...]

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