Hypopressives by LPF


Hypopressives by LPF exercises, What are they? Why should I do them? Am I doing them right?
Learn all the basics to make sure you perform your hypopressive exercises properly. Super important if you’re join our online sessions!

These exercises are not easy and require proper technique. To get their benefits you need to perform them well.

  • What are hypopressives?
  • How do they work?
  • Learn the different breathing techniques
  • Learn how to engage yout transversus abdominal
  • Abdominal vacuum
  • Tensions and myofascial stretching
  • How to check by yourself if you are doing it right
  • Postures Level 1
  • Tone your pelvic floor
  • Reduce your waistline
  • Reinforce your core
  • Help reducing diastasis recti (adapted postures)
  • Improve your posture
  • Reduce your back pain
  • 79,99€ for no-members
  • 2,5 credits or 67,5€ for SuperMums members

Perinatal info session

Webinar where we will answer all your doubts. There is no “stupid question” here.

  • What happens in my body during pregnancy?
  • How to not damage my body while exercising? I don’t know what exercise is good or not good.
  • Diastasis recti. What is it? Do I have it?
  • Am I supposed to know what is the Pelvic floor?
  • How to recognize Pelvic floor issues
  • Do’s and Don’ts during postpartum
  • Open questions

Childbirth group preparation


This one time, 3 hour accelerated course, is designed to help parents prepare for childbirth in a « quick course » for the time-challenged parents or as a refresher for the experienced ones.

Come and learn the basics of labor & birth, pain coping strategies and how partners can help. Get the basics, ask questions and learn some valuable information and skills to help prepare you for the big day.

  • Going into labour, what to expect and when to go to the hospital.

  • The different stages of labour.

  • Pain relief, positions and breathing techniques during labour.

  •  The partners role during labour

  • Pushing, positions and breathing techniques for birthing

  • Induction of labour, epidural, c-section, medications, common complications, letting go of expectations and birth plans.

Classes are partially reimbursable, subject to your insurance system.
This class is led by Katia Johnson, experienced pre/postnatal physical therapist.
Group limited to max. 5 couples.



Michaela is a Brussels based babywearing consultant. She is certified by Die Trageschule®, registered with Draagconsulenten Vlaanderen and a founder of She used to work as a lawyer, is a mum of 3 and for nearly a decade she is passionately advocating for babywearing.

Supermums with brings you a unique project of Babywearing Workshops and HelpDesk to help you start carrying your babies like a pro.

Many of us struggle to start babywearing and experience issues that make us opt for a stroller. There is an easy fix for this bug. Babywearing is a skill we can easily learn and answer our basic instinct: to soothe and protect our baby in a precious snug and relaxed contact. And the bonus: the freedom of multitasking. Yay!

Would you like to find out how to use a wrap or a carrier with ease? Are you a mom, an expecting mom or a couple? Learn how to confidently carry your kids from day one till toddlerhood. We will cover the typology of carriers and fitting a wrap, ring sling and a buckle carrier: You’ll find what’s most comfortable for you and start feeling confident to do it on your own. Come solo, with your partner and your baby. Your choice!

  • Max 8 pers. per workshop
  • In English. Michaela also speaks Czech, Croatian and French.
  • Price: EUR 50 (10% off for SuperMums members)

Are you in need of help with your wrap, ring sling, meh-dai or, buckle or other carrier? Do you struggle to feel comfortable, need a fit check, help with back carrying, face-forward carrying, positioning the carrier for breastfeeding or anything else? HelpDesk @ SuperMums is open for anyone each Wednesday morning from 9 to 10.30. Register  and come over, bring your carrier, wrap and your baby, so we can dive into the issue right away. Coffee is already here:)

  • In English. Michaela also speaks Czech, Croatian and French.
  • Price: EUR 20 (10% off for SuperMums members)
  • Non-members are welcome!
  • When: Each Wednesday at 9-10.30

Only the workshops by Bea can be directly booked from the widget below. For all others please use the “Book now” button in the descriptions above to send the instructor a direct message.