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Terms of Service


Every attendee to any of the classes provided (SuperBellies, SuperMums, WonderWomums or Low Pressure Fitness) must comply with the following terms.

Any violation of these terms may result in the immediate cancellation of the subscription and the banning of the sessions, without any refunding rights on the remaining classes.

  • You should have your doctor’s consent to exercise and to perform hypopressive exercises (only SuperBellies won’t do hypopressives, the Low Pressure Fitness exercising will be limited to postural training). SuperMums Belgium can’t be held liable of any adverse effects should they happen by not following your doctor’s advice.
  • Come to class with comfortable clothes.
  • Bring a diaper change for your baby as well as your maxi-cosi or stroller to ensure your baby’s comfort when he is not participating in the class, we should respect the child’s natural rythm.
  • For hygiene purposes for the children, you should bring specific shoes for the class that must not be worn outside.
  • Respect the staff and the facilities where the classes take place.
  • To ensure a normal pace in the class, mobile phones or photographic and recording devices will not be used during the class.
  • Your spot can only be guaranteed once the full amount has been payed. The free trial class should be reserved and is not subject to any payment.
  • The payment comprises the stipulated number of sessions, and does not include sessions during school holiday or vacation periods. Due to the limited amount of spots in each class, the trimester subscription can only be used on the type of class you subscribed for. No transfer between groups can be done within a trimester (for example from SuperMums to WonderWomums or to Low Pressure Fitness).
  • Only SuperBellies attendees can register in two different ways, to their choice:
    1. Register to the sessions up until their foreseen delivery date, with no need to pay for the full trimester.
    2. Register for the whole trimester and put in on hold when you give birth. The remaining sessions can be taken in SuperMums class. This way you can also reserve your spot in SuperMums by paying the remaining sessions in the trimester, provided that the class is not full. In such an event, we will do our best to open another SuperMums group when possible. If it were not possible, the remaining sessions will be refunded.
  • It is required to pay for the session before attending.
  • The payment needs to be done of the full trimester (or the remainder in case you join mid-trimester). It can be done the following ways:
    1. Pay in cash right before the first class you attend.
    2. (other payment methods are in validation process, like bank transfer, paypal and payconiq)
  • Sessions will not be refunded in case of absence, except for the case described in article 2.
  • Personal data and participants’ images (if taken) won’t be used for commercial purposes without consent.
  • All attendees have the right to a preliminary evaluation and a follow-up of their evolution. This will be done through written and photographic documentation so that you can check you progress throughout the trimester.
  • This data could be used anonymously as statistical data in scientific investigations and paper publications, provided the owner’s consent is given.
  • The sessions cannot be filmed or photographed without the teacher’s and the other participants’ authorisation.
  • The sessions will never be completely filmed.


  • Toussaint: November 1st to 11th
  • Christmas: December 24th to January 6th
  • Carnival: February 21st to March 3rd
  • Easter: April 4th to 21st
  • Summer: 1st of July to 1st of September

WorldClass Fitness:

  • Christmas: December 24th to January 6th
  • Easter: April 4th to 21st
  • Summer: 1st of July to 1st of September