SuperBellies, the best prenatal fitness class in Brussels

In my previous post I highlighted the main reasons why women love the SuperMums classes and their favourite aspects of them. Today, I’d like to focus on SuperBellies, a fun fitness class for expecting mothers.

Can you please explain why you attend/attended the SuperBellies classes?

Monica (first-time mum): I have always practiced fitness and yoga on a regular basis, so I wanted to keep as active and fit as possible during my pregnancy. I was worried about diastasis recti and I found Bea’s classes next door!

Rocio (mum of two): I wanted to continue working out with Bea, and I learned a lot about childbirth as well.

Conchi (future mum): I used to do Pilates regularly but due to my pregnancy I had to stop. I really wanted to continue doing some group class exercise. While looking for alternatives (mainly prenatal yoga and Pilates), I came across Superbellies on Facebook. I contacted Bea to get a better idea of what it was about and decided to give it a try and I liked it a lot!

What is/was your favourite part about the class?

Conchi (future mum): I like the approach, the methodology and that it is limited to maximum 6 people per class. The combination of exercises that keep us as fit as possible during pregnancy and exercises/postures to facilitate delivery. And above everything, the great atmosphere in the class: Bea and all the other SuperBellies are so nice! It is also great to have the chance to meet other pregnant women so we can all share experiences, ask questions and support each other.

Caroline (first-time mum): I loved every part of the class, but perhaps the stretching and relaxing parts were the most beneficial to me.

Monica (first-time mum): I liked the mix of aerobics, strength and pelvic floor work.

Rocio (mum of two): The choreographies were my favourite part.

Do you believe that the class has/had a positive impact on your health during pregnancy?

Conchi (future mum): The SuperBellies class makes me feel active and aware of the typical movement limitations related to the progress of my pregnancy. I don’t really know if the fact that I haven’t had any back/muscle pain so far, or that I can still be quite active, is directly related to the class but I want to believe that there is a link. I would for sure recommend the SuperBellies class to other pregnant women!

Caroline (first-time mum): The classes allowed me to stay active throughout my pregnancy. They helped soothe body aches, helped me with breathing and with making more space in my body for my growing baby. The classes also helped me be physically and mentally relaxed. A lot of positive outcomes! ?

Monica (first-time mum):  I am sure it has. I still gained 16 kg, but I felt really fit until the end of my pregnancy and I really appreciated the classes since I have an office-based work. I really needed to move, which is not that easy when you work long hours, especially during winter when outdoor activities are not very appealing. I lost 10 kg within the first week after giving birth and I am looking forward to starting SuperMums and getting back on track!

Rocio (mum of two): Of course, in addition to staying active, I had fun in class. And I’m sure that learning to breathe correctly has helped me during childbirth.

As you can read from the interviews, there are many benefits to staying active during pregnancy. If you want to know even more, you can read about the class here. For any questions and to book the first class, please contact us.