SuperMums detox

SuperMums is more than a workout, it’s a group of mums (and mums to be) that share the common interest of leading a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their families. A detox can be an option for mums to get back to or keep on track with nutritional habits.

What is the SuperMums detox?

The purpose is to detoxify your body from sugar and unhealthy eating habits, and to refuel it with nutrient rich food to give you more energy. It is certainly not a crazy diet that is impossible to follow for more than a few days.

Why do it?

Depending on the level you choose, you can use the detox to get back into healthy eating habits, discover how the body processes different types of food, and even lose weight if you wish. It is up to you to choose your goal and SuperMums will guide and help you achieve it in a healthy, steady way.

Moreover, it is a great way to discover new recipes tested and approved by other SuperMums.

How does it work?

You will start off with an info session where Bea explains in detail how the detox works. You will then receive meal plans that you can follow or just use as a guide during the duration of the detox. For three weeks you will be supported by Bea and other SuperMums to eat healthy meals, eliminate sugar from your diet, and become more aware of what you put into your body. It is advised to continue after those three weeks of support, but that is of course your own choice.

Feedback from SuperMums:

“I am down 3cm everywhere and 2.5kg less :) The good thing is that indeed I wasn’t hungry. I was very busy those days but could still keep up the regular rhytm even with the level 3 detox. I will definitely do it again in June, operation bikini, part 2.” (Petra)

“Just wanted to say that I enjoyed the detox very much. I hadn’t done it in a very long time and I was happy to do it again. It helped me get back to good eating habits and I lost 1,5 kgs as a result (plus 2-3 sessions of Personal Training per week). Thanks a lot Bea and all the other SuperMums for the support and the company.” (Maria)

“The dietary changes have had a great impact on me!  I’ve stopped with bad eating habits (processed food and unhealthy snacks), encouraged myself not to eat before going to bed by thinking on the positive effects of intermittent fasting, and reduced my food-anxiety relationship. I lost 3cm of belly and almost 2kg. Thank you for this great initiative, Bea, and for the support from all SuperMums!” (Sandra)

“I lost 2,5 kg and even this seocnd time I learned about many new ideas. On top of that, I was never hungry this time. I got plenty of new good habits that I hope to keep, but still I need to increase variety and get more organised. I’d be happy to do it again. Thanks Bea and all.” (Ema)

“I didn’t have time to check the measurements but my pre-pregnancy jeans are loose now and I feel much better in my clothes so I think I did a good progress.” (Bea)

“Thanks a lot Bea! It helped me a lot. At the beginning of the year I weighed 60 kg. I wanted to loose 8kg this year. I did a lot of sport plus this amazing detox! Now I weigh 55kg ;) If you do another detox, I’ll participate for sure. What I liked the most was that I realised it is absolutelly fine to survive without bread, pasta and milk. My belly is not bloated any longer! Eating meat, fish and eggs helped not eating snacks.” (Geo)


My experience:

I have personally done this detox twice and must say that it wasn’t difficult to follow even with a busy schedule. The explanation was very clear and I even learned a lot about how the body stores and burns calories.

With the support of other mums and regular workouts, I was able to easily eliminate refined sugar from my diet, discover new healthy recipes and observe my body get leaner and stronger. My personal goal was to get back into a healthier lifestyle and that is exactly what I achieved!

I was never able to follow a diet for more than a day before, but I was pleasantly surprised how simple a detox could be without having the feeling of hunger or emptiness in my stomach. Sure, the first few days were hard, but with the support I felt motivated to go on. I am very happy with the results and will do it again for sure :)

Do you feel ready to become an even stronger and healthier mum? Join the SuperMums detox group!