SuperMums, the best postnatal fitness class in Brussels

SuperMums is more than a postnatal fitness class. It is a community of mums, future mums and active women who love to exercise in a fun and friendly environment. Some of these lovely ladies were kind enough to share their experience and opinion about SuperMums, so please read on!

Why do/did you attend the SuperMums classes?

Sophia (mum of two): I started attending the class because of the specific attention to postnatal recovery by hypopressives. I continued the class because of Bea and how great she is!

Geo (mum of two): I want to improve my posture and to decrease the size of my belly.

Ana (mum of three): I started attending SuperMums after the delivery of my third child, and after seeing how a friend of mine, also with 3 kids, looked thanks to the training Bea was giving. I thought the idea of a targeted training specialised for women having had kids was a fantastic idea and maybe the best way to get back in shape without damaging my body, while doing it with a professional. Being with other mothers in the same situation was also nice, to socialise, to exchange views and to feel more supported and less lonely.

Lou (mum of two): To keep fit in a pleasant environment and because the timing and location of the classes is convenient for me. There is a variety of exercises (including dance) offered in each class, with difficult and easy options depending on the level of fitness of each person. Groups are small and the trainer pays attention. It’s easy to book via an app.

Victoria (first-time mum): I wanted to do some sport after the pregnancy since I had gained a few kilos, and to do specific exercises for the recuperation of my pelvic floor. I found the perfect place for this in SuperMums, since my baby was welcome to attend the class with me.

Rocio (mum of two): I am attending the classes because I had problems with low back pain during postpartum, I need to strengthen my abdomen, and it’s a good way to socialize.

What is/was your favourite part about the class?

Ana (mum of three): I like the mix of different exercises within the class. The warm-up with dance and music, the focus on different parts of the body, the hypopressives and stretching. Bea doesn’t forget anything. It is a very rounded and complete session.

Sophia (mum of two): My favourite part is the mix of exercises and the positive encouragement from Bea! And I like that it’s a community of mothers that are motivated but not fitness crazy ?

Lali (mum of two): I find the choreographies and dance the most fun, but the hypopressives is the part that’s been the most useful to me.

Sara (mum of two): The efficiency of the class with regards to the intensity, target, and care of the coach.

Lou (mum of two): Tabatas, which are short but effective, and the dancing.

Is/was the fact that you can bring your baby to class important to you?

Victoria (first-time mum): Yes, absolutely! To me it meant everything. I was alone at home without family around, meaning that I had to have my baby with me if I wanted to do some exercise. So, the fact that I could bring my baby was decisive.

Ana (mum of three): Being able to bring my baby to the classes allowed me to go to them. As an expat in Brussels it is not simple to always have help. With such a small baby you do not want them to be too far away, as babies are still very dependant. Bea is great with kids and manages to take care of them if they cry during the class or adapts your exercise so that you can hold your baby. Flexibility is a plus, as is having your baby and even breastfeeding if necessary during the class.

Rocio (mum of two): Yes, with my first daughter I did the exercises with her in the baby carrier, as she was already 8 months old when I started attending SuperMums. With my second one, that is 2 months old, I try to leave her lying down to watch me do the exercises, but she often ends up participating ?

Caroline (first-time mum): I loved being able to come to the class with my baby during my maternity leave. It allowed me to be with my baby while taking care of myself and to share the fun with my baby, too.

Lali (mum of two): During my maternity leave, it was very important to be able to take my baby to the classes, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to go.

I truly hope that these answers have more than convinced you to come and join this wonderful community! And if you want to know even more, you can read about the class here. If you have any questions or would like to book, don’t hesitate to contact us.