Let’s get back to being fit with SuperMums!
I bring you many new things!

Dear girls, I hope you enjoyed your summer and you worked out with our video library.
Don’t worry if you didn’t workout during your summer, we will start the classes progressively, and also the intensity so we all feel good and get stronger and fitter little by little.
Please read on, there are many news for this new season :)

The No More Diastasis Program is back!

This is a 9 weeks specific and intense program targeting to close diastasis recti and build a functional core.

There are different options: Virtual, in person, and hybrid.

  • Nutritional tips
  • WhatsApp group to find the support and motivation you need and ask your questions.

Date: Info online meeting on October 1st at 11h30

9 weeks program, from October 3rd December 4th

Maximum 8 participants in the studio.

SuperMums Night Out

Vacations were good but also super tiring…. I need a break with some girls-only time, so let’s go out!!
We chat, have a drink, dinner and we have fun. 

Saturday September 3rd at 18h30.

Family picnic

Let’s get together with our families!
We will do a walk around Le Bois de la Cambre and a picnic.
Bring a plate to share, games for the park if you have, and let’s have fun!
I hope we will have nice weather. 

Saturday September 10th at 11h

Yoga is back

I know you were all looking forward to having yoga again in SuperMums and I have good news!
We will have three types of sessions from now on:

Postnatal Yoga on Mondays at 11h
Prenata Yoga on Mondays at 12h15
Power Yoga on Tuesdays at 20h15

Welcome to Diana Abegao


During September, you will see a very nice and fit Portuguese girl called Diana around in every class.
She has a master’s degree in Physical exercise and Well-being.
She is also a great personal trainer and she is a Hypopressives LPF instructor as well.
She will start teaching classes in October.
Thanks to her, you will have a better schedule with even more classes per week.

Diana will be teaching in SuperMums from October 2022

Welcome to Odette de Fays


Odette will be doing workshops in SuperMums and will be able to help you in one to one sessions if you need her.

She’s Spanish-Belgian and she speaks Spanish, English, French and Italian.

Her workshops:

  • September 3rd: “With love since the first drop. The beginning of a breastfeeding journey” (Perfect to do during pregnancy or with a newborn)
  • September 24th: “Back to work, how do I keep breastfeeding once back in the office?”
  • October 22nd:Weaning”
  • November 26th: With love since the first drop. The beginning of a breastfeeding journey”
  • December 3rd: “Tongue ties, a fashion?”

Price: 15€ each

Welcome to Emily Gold


Emily will join SuperMums to teach the prenatal and postnatal yoga, as well as bringing amazing yoga support workshops.

Emily is a yoga therapist and teacher, doula and public health specialist. She is trained in a variety of yogic modalities including Hatha, Yin, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga and Womb Yoga.

Her workshops:

  • Mind body fertility workshop (4 sessions on Sundays September 11th, 18th, 25th, October 2nd). There is evidence that yoga and meditation can reduce anxiety and boost mood, beneficial for any woman who is dealing with fertility issues.
  • Mind body Support for Pregnancy loss. Sunday October 9th. While Pregnancy loss is a common occurrence it is an experience we often remain silent about. We will explore mind body techniques to help process such loss, and offer an opportunity to hold space as a community.
  • Stress management for parents. November 20th. In this workshop will learn yoga therapy techniques, breathwork and  meditation to better manage stress, reduce anger and feel better as yourself and in your role as a parent.

Hypopressives Introduction Course

Hypopressives LPF exercises, What are they? Why should I do them? Am I doing them right?

Learn all the basics to make sure you perform your hypopressive exercises properly. Super important if you’re joining our online sessions and if you are going to do the No More Diastasis program!

These exercises are not easy and they required a lot of technique. To get their benefits you need to perform them well.

Limited to 10 persons!
When: September 17th from 11h to 13h

Birth preparation course

This one time, 3 hour accelerated course, is designed to help parents prepare for childbirth in a « quick course » for the time-challenged parents or as a refresher for the experienced ones.

Saturdays: 10h30 – 14h00


  • September 10th
  • October 8th
  • November 19th
  • December 17th