Childbirth group preparation


This one time, 3 hour accelerated course, is designed to help parents prepare for childbirth in a « quick course » for the time-challenged parents or as a refresher for the experienced ones.

Come and learn the basics of labor & birth, pain coping strategies and how partners can help. Get the basics, ask questions and learn some valuable information and skills to help prepare you for the big day.

  • Going into labour, what to expect and when to go to the hospital.

  • The different stages of labour.

  • Pain relief, positions and breathing techniques during labour.

  •  The partners role during labour

  • Pushing, positions and breathing techniques for birthing

  • Induction of labour, epidural, c-section, medications, common complications, letting go of expectations and birth plans.

Classes are partially reimbursable, subject to your insurance system.
This class is led by Katia Johnson, experienced pre/postnatal physical therapist.
Group limited to max. 5 couples.

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Personal Training


Reach your more ambitious objectives with our one-to-one coaching sessions. Individualized training focused on your specific needs, for a perfectly tailored experience.

Our personal training sessions have the same approach as the group classes, but in a more customized way. Need to learn how to properly do Hypopressives before joining the group class? Have a specific reconditioning target (diastasis, knee problem…) you want to treat? Or you maybe prefer a coach 100% dedicated to you? Book your personal training today!

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Our physiotherapists will take good care of your physical wellbeing, as well as treat common problems that arise during motherhood.

They are specialized in:

  • Sports physiotherapy and rehab

  • Orthopedic physiotherapy

  • Psychomotricity

  • Respiratory physiotherapy for children

  • Pre and postnatal rehab

  • Health coaching and nutritional advice

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If it’s your first time booking with us, for a physio or a PT, we encourage to contact us first. If you have any question, drop us a line and we will call you back as soon as possible!


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