Annamária Kovács
Annamária KovácsPhysiotherapist and Personal Trainer
I obtained my degree plus the sport rehabilitation specialization in Hungary and then my personal trainer qualification in Belgium. I acquired my work experience throughout Europe (Hungary, Finland and Belgium) working in hospitals, private clinics and gyms.

In addition to my personal trainer skills, my physiotherapy background can help treat different types of injuries (Achilles tendon rupture, runner’s knee, joint problems, etc) as well as specific conditions such as postural corrections, rectus diastasis, pre and post-operative rehabilitation and scoliosis.

I am also working towards adding to my skillset in the near future to treat pelvic floor problems.

Certifications to come:
– Perinatal and perineal rehab specialization

Coming soon:
– Physiological baby wearing workshop
– Baby massage workshop

Morgane Nolet
Morgane NoletPhysiotherapist
With a master in physiotherapy, it is with great enthusiasm that I’d love to take care of you and your child. I have always been passionate by the human body, and it’s functioning. I have a soft temper, but I adore giving energy and motivation to my patients. I work hard, with a communicative joy, to offer the best care possible.

I propose general, orthopedic/sportive physiotherapy for adults, and psychomotricity and respiratory physiotherapy for children.

In addition to my physiotherapy master, I am already holding the following certifications:
– sport physiotherapy (ULB, Brussels);
– respiratory physiotherapy (Postiaux, Belgium);
– psycho-body development of the child according to the method of muscular and articular chains (GDS).

Certification to come:
– perinatal physiotherapy.

Coming soon:
Mummy and baby workshop!
Throughout my three years’ experience working with young children, I’ve noticed that the parent has a very special and important role to play in the development of the child.
In this workshop, we’ll go together through the development of the baby, the important developing steps, stimulating games to play, calming massages that you could do, etc. My goal is to give you as much advices and tools as I can, to help your child develop at his own rhythm.